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Key findings: MHADRI scoping exercise

This scoping exercise revealed a number of gaps in migration and health research, governance and access to resources and was successful in bringing to attention challenges that are specific to different national and regional contexts.

The UCL Lancet Commission on Migration and Health Report

The Commission presents evidence based approaches to inform public discourse and policy to address migration as a global health priority, and proposes recommendations for maximising the health of all people on the move. The Commission is an independent group of academics, policymakers, and health system experts with experience across the world to review current knowledge and producing new empirical work and policy recommendations on the role of migration on health. The report takes an inter-disciplinary approach to the appraisal of information and data and the presentation of recommendations including sociological, political, legal, epidemiological, humanitarian and anthropological perspectives.

MHADRI Member: Associate Professor Paul Bukuluki, Uganda

MHADRI chats to Assoc. Prof.   Dr Paul Bukuluki about migration and health challenges in East Africa and his suggestions for improving the adaptability of global migration frameworks to improve health for all.

MHADRI Member: Hassan Imam, Bangladesh

Migration and health consultant Hassan Imam talks about research gaps in Bangladesh, the importance of multilateral action on migration health governance issues and how research should be used to benefit society at the grass-roots level.

MHADRI Member: Dr Renuka Jayatissa, Sri Lanka

Nutrition and public health researcher Dr Renuka Jayatissa reflects on migration and health challenges in Sri Lanka and discusses the need for effective monitoring and evaluation and the power of evidence in shaping policy.