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MHADRI Steering Committee members Drs. Paul Bukuluki, Ursula Trummer, and colleagues have worked to develop a course on health and migration. This is offered by Makerere University (Uganda), The Centre for Health and Migration (Austria), the International Organization for Migration, and the Austrian Government Federal Ministry for the Interior.

This course was held first in March 2021 and again across August, September, and October of 2021, with an additional “Open Forum” to stimulate further discussion and exchange of experience.

The two courses and Open Forum together accommodated 130 participants from 11 countries (Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Turkey) with lectures from 20 facilitators from 11 countries. 91 participants fulfilled the criteria for being awarded a certificate of completion (attendance at sessions, 2 thematic course papers) and received their certificates in online award ceremonies.

The planning for further iterations of the course is already in the making, again with strong support from IOM and the Migration, Health and Development Research Initiative (MHADRI). This partnership has further been strengthened by the active participation of faculty at Makerere University.

Click here to view the past course’s agenda, as well as facilitator and participant profiles. New application dates and briefs will be listed when available.