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Public health futures in a changing world.

The European Public Health Association (EUPHA) and the European Public health Conference (EPH) are pleased to invite you to the 14th EPH conference. Co-chairs of the Congress are Anthony Staines and Regien Biesma-Blanco.

Humanities & Social Sciences Online introduce the Health and Migration Workshop

Global flows of people have long been linked to the transmission of diseases and health risks, which have great implications for people’s movement, health and well-being – especially in the era of epidemics which do not respect international borders, where threats to human health have been deployed to securitize the issue of migration. Human migration is a defining issue of our time and is increasingly recognized as a global public health priority. Scholarship on health and migration has examined the social, political and economic production of diseases and their interaction with processes of migration, transit, legal status, and migrants’ incorporation into the places to which they migrate, over time – as well as their effects on the places of origin.
Subject Fields:
Anthropology, Health and Health Care, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Public Health, Sociology