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By: Rebecca Walker, Nicholas Maple & Jo Vearey Researching Migration & Coronavirus in Southern Africa (MiCoSA)June 2021 This occasional paper is the start of a series that explores the impacts of COVID-19 and ensuing responses on migration and the wellbeing of migrant and mobile… Continue Reading “COVID-19 VACCINE IN AFRICA”

Get involved! Reviewing publications for the iom migration health evidence portal for covid-19

The IOM Migration Health Division (MHD) Research and Epidemiology Unit is currently updating the Bibliometric Analysis of COVID-19 in the Context of Migration Health.

To efficiently do this, we are seeking the help of interested MHADRI members, specifically in screening and tagging relevant publications in which MHADRI members can participate as reviewers.

The MHD Research and Epidemiology Unit will then organize and deliver a quick training for the reviewers to guide them on the step-by-step process. Rest assured too that we will acknowledge your work in the paper.

European Borders, COVID-19, and the Economy of Home Care

Ursula Trummer, PhD (August 25, 2020) This article examines the impact that COVID-19 has had on the movement of migrant healthcare workers throughout Europe. Dr. Trummer specifically focuses on how the shutting of borders (with a specific case study on the border between Romania… Continue Reading “European Borders, COVID-19, and the Economy of Home Care”

Migration Health Evidence Portal for COVID-19

The IOM Migration Health Research Portal has established an interactive, open-source, searchable (and downloadable) repository of research publications on COVID-19 in relation to migrants, migration, and human mobility.

In partnership with MHADRI, migration health and COVID-19 related analysis, research, and commentaries will be analysed.