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1st Global Consultation on Migrant Health

2010 | Madrid, Spain

The 2010 Global Consultation on Migrant Health was convened as a result of the 2008 World Health Assembly Resolution on the Health of Migrants, which asks Member States to take action on migrant-sensitive health policies and practices. Accordingly, WHO and IOM, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Policy of Spain, held a Global Consultation on Migrant Health in March 2010 in Madrid to: take stock of actions taken since the endorsement of the Resolution; reach consensus on priority areas and strategies; and identify the elements of an operational framework to assist Member States and stakeholders in making further progress on the issue. This consultation report offers a summary of the issues discussed at the consultation and presents an outline for an operational framework to guide action by key stakeholders. The report also includes the thematic papers that informed the consultation discussion, background materials concerning selected migration-related terminology, the text of key speeches and other relevant documents.

The report can be downloaded here.

2nd Global Consultation on Migrant Health: Resetting the Agenda
Jointly Organized by IOM, WHO and the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
21-23 February 2017 | Colombo, Sri Lanka

Convened in Sri Lanka in February 2017, the 2nd Global Consultation on Migrant Health brought together approximately 130 participants from all geographical regions representing various sectors within Governments, as well as civil society organizations, academics, experts, international organizations, regional institutions and professional and migrant associations. It provided a platform for in-depth discussion on migration health and explored ways to address the fact that millions of migrants are still denied access to health services and remain invisible in global health initiatives. Moreover, the event identified key opportunities, concerns, recommendations, and actions to advance the agenda. The participants’ rich contributions to the Consultation allowed for debates on the development of a progress monitoring framework, actionable policy objectives and a research agenda on migration health.

The final report can be downloaded here.